How To Make Wine At Home!

Home winemaking is exciting, simple, easy, and very rewarding.

You can make wine at home for a fraction of the price it costs you to buy at the wine shop. And when you do, you'll soon discover how easy it is to make a wine that matches the better quality commercially produced wines from America, Australia, New Zealand and France.

Imagine the pleasure of drinking wine that you've made yourself. Imagine the satisfaction of preparing the ingredients, watching the wine ferment, and then enjoying the finished wine - knowing that you created this wonderful product yourself, at a fraction of the cost you'd pay for a commercial product!

One of the most satisfying things about home winemaking is how easily and quickly you can produce very good wines at home. To do that, you need access to all the essential "secrets", the tips and tricks that produce a really good wine, as opposed to just an OK one.

Well, I'm going to give you all those secrets, because to make good wine you need the help of an experienced winemaker. I've been making wine for over 40 years now, I've written books on the subject, and I've acted as a judge and speaker at winemaking societies and shows. And now it's a real pleasure for me to share my knowledge with you.

In my comprehensive guide to home winemaking, you can find out all about the best ways, the easiest ways, and the quickest ways to:

  • Find the best ingredients, whether that be fruits, fruit juice, grape juice concentrate, vegetables or flowers
  • Prepare the ingredients and make a "must" ready for fermentation
  • Ferment the "must" to your desired level of sweetness and alcohol content
  • Clarify the wine easily and quickly
  • Mature the wine so that it develops the highest possible quality
  • Store the wine so that it stays good and matures properly
  • And best of all – how to appreciate the wine and enjoy it to the full.

A lot of people think that making wine at home is either difficult or challenging, but, you see, nothing could be further from the truth.

You may have heard that you need lots of equipment to make wine successfully.... but that's not true either. You can probably start right now with what's in your kitchen, plus a few easily obtained essentials like glass jars (called demijohns), a plastic bucket, a wooden spoon, and a siphon tube.

Later, as you get more experience, you can buy more sophisticated equipment - and that makes the process a little bit easier and faster. You can also invest in more advanced equipment like a hydrometer, or an acidity testing kit, if you want to take your winemaking to a super-advanced level!

But really, all you have to do to get started is get the ingredients and basic equipment, which can be done very easily from online suppliers or your local home winemaking store, and spend a little time following my simple instructions.

And then, within a few weeks, you can be drinking wine of the highest quality fermented in your own kitchen, prepared exactly to the recipe that gives you the greatest enjoyment.

Make Any Type of Wine You Wish

What type of wine is your particular favorite? Red, rosé or white? Sherry, port or sparkling wine? No problem - I show you how to make all these, whether sweet, medium or dry.

And I explain all the variations in the winemaking process for different types of wine, telling you the things you need to know about to make red or white wine, sherry or sparkling wine, showing you the various pieces of equipment you might want to buy as we go along, so you can make the job as easy as possible.

Now because things do go wrong occasionally, I've included some tips about winemaking problems and faults and how you can put them right. I don't expect you'll need to use this information very often because the recipes are so clear, but it's useful to have it.

I'm sure you'll want to make wine that comes out the way you like to drink it, so I've included all the information you need to calculate the quantities of ingredients that'll produce a wine with exactly the level of alcohol you want.

Really, Is It That Simple?

Please don't be put off by the idea that there's lots of technical stuff to learn about winemaking - like the use of the hydrometer or testing the acidity level. You can do all this if you want to, and it adds a whole level of interest and excitement to the winemaking process. Of course I describe this more technical approach to winemaking - but using it is optional!

So, if you're a wine enthusiast who wants a straightforward approach, one where you just get the ingredients together, add sugar and yeast, make the wine and enjoy drinking it as soon as possible, everything you could possibly need to know is described here in simple terms!

And Here's A Valuable Free Gift For You!

So what more could you need? If you develop real passion for home winemaking - and most people do - then you may need a lot of recipes that you're going to enjoy making (and drinking). So if you buy my home winemaking program, complete with all the information you need to make wine at home to a very high standard, I'm going to give you a valuable free gift as well - 125 detailed recipes for prize-winning wines, revealing the secrets of wines that have won prizes at shows over the last 10 years!

These recipes can produce wines that will have your friends and family coming back for more, tie and time again! (You'll need to keep a secret supply locked away to be sure you can enjoy them whenever you want to!)

But Why Make Wine At All?

First of all, because it's so enjoyable. This is a pastime that produces one of the most sociable and enjoyable products possible: good wine.

You have the pleasure of knowing that you've created a delicious drink, using the ingredients of your choice. You know what's gone into it, and you know exactly how it's been made. And besides all that, once you've made a wine, you're certainly going to feel proud of your achievement. Imagine the thrill you'll get when you offer the highest quality red or white wine to your guests - and remember to watch their faces when you tell them the wine's home-made, not a commercial product!

And of course there are other reasons: it's a lot cheaper than buying your wine supplies, for one thing!

If you find a recipe you like, you can make the same wine every season. And you have an almost unimaginable choice of ingredients to use - fruits of all kinds, vegetables, flowers... All of these can produce delicious home-made wine. I explain in detail the different winemaking techniques you need to use with each type of ingredient.

To me the question is more about "Well, why on earth wouldn’t I make wine at home!" It's simply one of the most rewarding pastimes or hobbies you can enjoy.

And with my comprehensive and complete instructions, winemaking is easy, simple and quick.

So if you join me in this exciting adventure of home winemaking, what will you get for your money ?

I've already mentioned that I'm going to give you a fantastic free gift, 125 prize-winning wine recipes, which are among the best wines that you can make, wines that will give you pleasure for years to come.

But what else? Well, first of all you get access to my website which describes everything you need to know about home winemaking equipment, ingredients, techniques and methods. This information is presented on the website, page by page, section by section, and for your convenience it's easy to print out, section by section.

Like I said above, you're going to learn all about the ingredients, how to choose them, which ingredients to use, which techniques will give you the best results.... and more - how to prepare the ingredients, how to extract the flavour, how to ferment the wine in the right way so that you get a delicious wine of the alcoholic strength that you desire.

You can find out all about the different kinds of ingredients, the different types of yeast you can use, where to obtain your supplies, and the different techniques you can use to get a high quality product. Everything is explained in simple, straightforward language.

You're going to get a selection of recipes covering all kinds of ingredients, ones that will allow you to make really enjoyable wines. And, in addition, you're going to get my wonderful free gift, a collection of 125 prize-winning wine recipes that have collected trophies at shows and competitions over the last 10 years.

There's a once-only charge for access to this information. There are no additional charges after you join. No doubt you're wondering what such valuable information, based on so many years' experience, might cost!

I'd guess you might be expecting me to ask around $49.95 for this priceless information on home-winemaking. You'd be wrong.

The thing is, you see, selling a product in this way means it can many more people, and that means the price comes down.

So today, the price for my home winemaking system is a mere $19.95, and you'll be delighted to know that once you've joined me on this exciting journey, you can access the website directly and print off the eBook immediately .

If you have any questions you can reach me on the following e-mail address: 

Now are you ready to discover all there is to know about home winemaking, to make something you can enjoy to the full, something that will impress your friends, something that can add so much fun and pleasure and enjoyment and fun to your life?


If so, click here to purchase your membership now for the once only charge of $19.95, and to receive a free gift consisting of 125 prize-winning wine recipes that will transform the way you, your family and your friends enjoy wine!

See you on the inside!

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